Active Bodies – Active Minds

Restored, Effective, Pro-active Lives

Active Hearts wants to show the disadvantaged children of our community what a wonderful world they live in by involving them in sharing our beautiful town through cool sports and educational activities.  

To uplift, inspire and show the children how life can be.


We have a growing number of amazing Partners in Knysna and if you feel you would like to get involved in any way

please contact us.

 The majority of children living in our more deprived areas rarely have the chance to leave the confines of their own environments and have never witnessed the beauties and wonders with which our magnificent Knysna is blessed.   As a consequence and by no fault of their own, these children have been condemned to a life of resigned dejection, believing that the limits of their current situations are all that there is - and all they will experience.  We want to change this for as many children as we can. We want to show them that there is a good life out there, just waiting and if they work hard at something they love and shine, their futures can and will be better. Horizons will be broadened and hope given - with the help and mentorship of people and partners within our community who genuinely care.