Get Involved.....


One of the most valuable ways to help is to donate caps, warm tops, takkies and  sun screen.

Our activities run throughout the year and it is extremely important for us to protect the children from the Sun AND Rain.


There is always a distinct lack of footwear and suitable clothing so we have to ensure the children are equipped correctly at all times.


Come join us.  Attend one of our activities.

Or, if you have a specific talent you feel could benefit our children, we would be very Happy to hear from you.

Sporting Equipment

We all have old sporting equipment tucked away that we don't use and if you would like Active Hearts to put this to good use - please consider donating it to us to pass on to our communities and schools.  We have handed out so much already and are always on the look out for more as the children and schools fully utilise these items.  From old skateboards to footballs an even cricket and tennis stuff.  It is all always appreciated.